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Tipper Trailers

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If you need to transport and unload heavy equipment, bulk materials or vehicles, tipper trailers are often the best solution. These trailers feature hydraulic tipping mechanisms for easy load removal and heavy-duty applications. Tipper trailers are available in multiple configurations, including single axle models, double axle designs, and cage trailers. All of our products are made in Australia and designed for local conditions.

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The many benefits of a tipper trailer

Tipper trailers feature electric hydraulic mechanisms for safe and efficient operation. Thanks to the trailer’s features, the hydraulics do all the heavy lifting, which makes them safe and easy to operate in all conditions. Everything can be performed with the push of a button — helping to improve workplace safety and save money on manual labour.

Our wide range of tipper trailers

Tipper trailers include a wide variety of products manufactured with hydraulic tipper mechanisms. While most tippers feature dual axles to handle heavy-duty applications, single axle designs are also available. We have a wide range of tipper trailers to choose from, including cage trailers and galvanised products. If you're dealing with heavy materials and require efficient unloading capacity, tipper trailers are the perfect option.

The Modern Trailers difference

At Modern Trailers, we offer a huge range of durable trailers at a great price point. Whether you want a single axle design or a large feature-rich tipper, all of our products are designed for maximum performance and ultimate durability. Along with great products, we provide multiple finance options and friendly customer support that you can rely on. We offer regular specials on galvanised trailers, single axle trailers, double axle trailers, tradesman trailers, tipper trailers, car trailers and high-quality trailer parts.


How much weight can tipper trailers handle?

Tipper trailers are designed to handle heavy loads, both during transportation and unloading. The weight capacity of tipper trailers is dependent on the model in question, with our single axle designs able to handle up to 1400kg and our large double axle trailers capable of much more. We have a variety of upgrade options available to improve weight capacity, with a 4500kg weight rating possible on some models when brakes are upgraded.

Can anyone use a tipper trailer?

Hydraulic tipper trailers are easy to operate in most conditions, as long as you are careful. In fact, tipper trailers are generally safer and more efficient than non-tipper units, with manual labour greatly reduced and pedestrian traffic minimised. However, while there is no such thing as a “trailer licence” in Australia, separate licenses may be required depending on the weight of the load you are towing. If you need more advice, please contact our customer service team.

What kind of tipper trailers do you manufacture?

At Modern Trailers, we sell a wide range of tipper trailers to customers across Australia. We have multiple tipper trailers to choose from, including single axle products, double axle designs, cage trailers, flatbed trailers and durable galvanised products. Our hydraulic tipper trailer products are made to the highest possible construction standards. Please check out our news page to learn more about our product range.

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