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Flat Top Trailers

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We manufacture a wide variety of flat top trailers in Adelaide, all of which are finished to high standards and comply with all applicable safety regulations. With ATM load ratings of up to 4,500 KG and many different features and options from which to choose, you’re sure to find a trailer in our range that meets your needs. All of our flat top trailers are designed with durability and ease of maintenance in mind, making them suitable for both private and commercial use.

High-quality flat top trailers for sale at very competitive prices

We are focused on producing well-designed and well-made trailers from premium parts, at prices that make them an economical choice for customers in Adelaide and across South Australia. When you buy flat top trailers from us, you won’t have to compromise on quality to keep your costs down. Thanks to our efficient manufacturing process and highly skilled team, we are able to produce high-quality trailers at prices other companies cannot match.

Custom flat top trailers

If you would like to have a trailer built to your personal specifications, we’d be more than happy to oblige. We design and manufacture custom flat top trailers for clients with unique requirements on a regular basis.

Whether you are interested in one of the flat top trailers for sale on our website or you would like to discuss a custom build, please contact us now to talk about your requirements and to request a competitive quotation.


What are the advantages of flat top trailers?

Flat top trailers have a number of advantages that make them the perfect choice for all types of loads. Firstly, as the name suggests, a flat top trailer has a completely flat bed, which means you can use every inch of space on the deck. Secondly, with easy access from all four sides, loading and unloading is quick and easy with a flat top trailer. These features make flat top trailers suitable for a wide variety of loads. If you carry loads of different weights and dimensions on a daily basis, you’ll find a flat top trailer one of the most flexible options currently available.

Are flat top trailers safe?

All of the flat top trailers for sale that you can see on our website, along with our custom builds, are very safe. We use high-quality components and materials in the construction of each one, to ensure they are fit for purpose and will provide many years of safe, reliable service. As long as you follow best practices and guidelines for securing your loads, you will find flat top trailers are one of the safest types of trailers in Australia.

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