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When you have an oversized load or very heavy cargo to transport, you need a trailer you can rely on. Explore the range of 12x6 trailers from Modern Trailers — designed and made in South Australia to give you heavy-duty pulling power for very dense loads, small cars, livestock, building materials and more. Shop the best range of 12x6 trailers in Australia and boost the pulling power of your vehicle today.

Browse our range of 12x6 trailers for sale

Proudly South Australian made and designed for the hardest and heaviest of jobs, our 12x6 trailers are great for use on rural properties, easily managing loads of firewood, livestock, tractors and other farming machinery, feed and more. In urban settings, our 12x6 tandem trailers are great for moving vehicles, hard rubbish, large bulky items and building materials. Whether you need a trailer for work, leisure or a mix of the two, we’ve got you covered.

Designed to offer maximum load capacity with a usable size and easy towing, you'll find the right choice in our range if you’re looking to buy a 12x6 trailer that can handle whatever task is thrown at it. Shop a variety of designs of 12x6 trailers made from ultra-durable hot dipped galvanised steel with open, cage and rolled checker plate body chassis — and get ready to make your towing demands a cinch.

Modern Trailers – the Australian-made 12x6 trailer experts

Made for hard yakka and years of reliable towing, all of our steel 12x6 trailers are designed to last, perform under pressure, and exceed your expectations for durability. Shop the full range of trailers in our online store today — and discover why we’re Australia’s number one manufacturer and supplier of 12x6 trailers and tandem trailers of all sizes and dimensions.


What size is a 12x6 trailer?

Our 12ft x 6ft trailers come in a variety of chassis dimensions to suit your business or personal needs. From open trailers to 7ft high body chassis, you’re sure to find the right size 12x6 trailer to suit you in our online store.

How heavy is a 12x6 trailer?

Our 12x6 tandem trailer designs have been engineered to offer maximum towing power, strength and durability with a lightweight and slim profile trailer. To find out the weight of one of our individual 12x6 trailers, check out the product description for our trailer models, or speak to our team for more product information.

How much weight can a 12x6 trailer carry?

We know no two people have the same requirements for their towing, which is why we offer a range of weight limits for our 12x6 tandem trailers. Our 12x6 trailers offer towing capacities of 2800kg up to 4500kg to suit your needs. No matter how heavy the material you need to transport is, you’ll find our trailers are up to the task.

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