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Motorcycle Trailers

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You’ll find a great selection of motorbike trailers for sale on our website, all of which are made right here in Adelaide, South Australia. Every trailer is designed to transport motorbikes safely and securely, and our range includes models with load capacities from 275 KG to 1005 KG. Whether you need a single motorbike trailer to transport a light trail bike or a double trailer that can handle heavy touring bikes, we have what you need. Our trailers are manufactured from quality materials and parts and meet all relevant Australian safety standards.

Tilt deck motorbike trailers in Adelaide

In addition to trailers that are built specifically for transporting motorcycles, we also manufacture quality tilt deck trailers. These versatile trailers can be used to transport motorbikes, ATVs, ride-on mowers and any other type of vehicle that is most easily loaded by being pushed or wheeled into position. With a 6-degree angle when fully tilted, even heavy vehicles are very easy to load onto our tilt-deck trailers.

Motorbike trailers built to your specifications

If you can’t find a trailer on our website that meets your specific requirements, please contact us to let us know what you need. We build custom motorbike trailers to order and will be happy to provide you with a competitive quote. Whether you are interested in a custom build or a model from our standard range, we look forward to supplying you with a quality trailer that will serve you well for many years to come.


What are the advantages of motorbike trailers?

Motorbike trailers offer an inexpensive, convenient and stable way to transport your bikes in complete safety. They are designed to make it easy to secure your machines in an upright position and keep them there, avoiding the possibility of accidental damage during transportation. Thanks to their lightweight construction, they can be towed by almost any type of car, ute or truck.

Are motorbike trailers safe?

Well built motorbike trailers such as ours are very safe. Because they are designed specifically for the purpose of transporting motorbikes, they offer an exceptionally stable and secure platform for your precious cargo. Whilst you could tie your bikes down to a flatbed trailer, a purpose-built bike trailer is a more convenient and safer option.

Can motorbike trailers handle all motorbikes?

When buying a new motorcycle trailer, you should pay particular attention to the dimensions and load rating of each model you consider. Some trailers may be unsuitable for transporting larger bikes, while others, such as our tilt deck trailers, can safely handle even the largest of motorbikes with ease. If you want to check whether a particular trailer in our range will meet your needs, call or email us now.

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