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All of our cattle crate trailers are fully hot dipped galvanised and built to withstand the wear and tear to which they will be subjected on a daily basis. If you need a high-quality stock crate trailer that is safe, durable and manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards by a local company, you will find what you are looking for at Modern Trailers. In addition to their fully hot dipped galvanised construction, our cattle crates are 1.5-metres in height and come with rails above the crate to prevent animals from jumping out. Every trailer is designed to ensure that both you and your cattle reach your destination safely.

Cattle crate trailers for sale in Adelaide

Whether you’re in the city itself or the surrounding area, you’ll find that we are conveniently located to meet your needs. With a branch in Pooraka and another in Lonsdale, we’re able to offer customers in all parts of the city and the adjacent areas with a fast, efficient service. If you are looking for a new stock crate trailer or quality trailer parts, you are welcome to drop in whenever you’re passing.

For more immediate assistance, please contact us now to discuss your needs with one of our trailer experts. In addition to the range of cattle crate trailers for sale on our website, we can also design and manufacture a custom trailer if desired, so whatever your needs may be, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


How many cattle can you fit in the cattle crates?

Our cattle crate trailers are designed to transport a single animal in complete safety. For farmers and hobbyists who need to transport single animals on a regular basis, a trailer that can be towed by a car is a great solution, as it not only helps to cut down on costs but on pollution too. If you are looking for trailers suitable for transporting large numbers of cattle on the road, you will need to invest in a specialised trailer designed to be linked to a prime mover.

Can cattle crates be used to transport other kinds of animals?

Some types of cattle crates may be suitable for transporting other kinds of animals, but you would need to ensure that you comply with all relevant regulations before doing so. You should also make sure that it is possible to transport the animals in question without causing them any unnecessary discomfort or distress. As our cattle crate trailers are designed specifically for the safe transportation of cattle, we don’t recommend that you use them for transporting other kinds of animals unless you are a professional and know exactly what you are doing.


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