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BBQ Trailers

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Looking for a barbeque trailer? Look no further than Modern Trailers’ BBQ trailers that can be customised for any event or business. Our BBQ trailers can be configured in almost any way imaginable with cage and accessory options, chassis, springs and axle options, body and ramp upgrades, brake upgrades and more.

With up to 690 kg carrying capacity, our BBQ trailer is sure to meet your requirements for even the largest of crowds. As with everything here at Modern Trailers, all of our products are 100% Australian made in our Lonsdale factory in South Australia. Our barbeque trailers are designed to be safe on the road, long-lasting and ultimately deliver excellent value for money.

A BBQ trailer for any occasion

BBQ trailers are perfect for businesses that travel to events, schools, charities and councils. If you have any special requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a uniquely customised design to your own specifications. Whatever your requirements may be, we have been designing and building trailers since 1990 so you can trust us to build it for you.

Got any questions regarding our barbeque trailers for sale? Please call our Lonsdale (08) 8326 5041 or Pooraka (08) 8262 2562 branches where we can answer any questions and provide a custom quote if required. You can also send us a message or an email on if you prefer.


Are barbeque trailers safe?

Just like the rest of our products at Modern Trailers, our barbeque trailers for sale are designed and built to Australian standards and have been tested in-house. Safety is our primary concern here at Modern Trailers and your trailer will come with an owner’s manual — enabling almost any home DIY hobbyist to keep their trailer in perfect working order for years to come. We have a full range of parts which will also help in keeping your BBQ trailer in tip-top condition.

Are BBQ trailers all one size?

Whilst our standard configuration might fit a lot of people’s needs, almost certainly not all. The sheer variety in barbeque food styles means that each business or owner will have different requirements, which is precisely why we have such a great range of customisation options available. For anything more bespoke, simply get in touch with us and we will design and build a BBQ trailer to your exact specifications.

Are barbeque trailers easy to set up?

Absolutely. This was one of the main focuses of our design. Our BBQ trailers are fully self-enclosed — with all trays and compartments sliding in and out into the frame. This means that they can be set up in just a few minutes from arrival, allowing you to prepare quicker and thus making them more time-efficient. Our clever side lift doors and H Frame ladder racks can also be configured by one person in no time at all.

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