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8x5 Trailers

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An 8 x 5 trailer is one of the most versatile and useful vehicles to have for your business or around your home. Perfect for moving those slightly larger loads that won’t fit in a 6 or 7ft long trailer, an 8 x 5 trailer might be just what you have been looking for.

Why choose an 8 x 5 trailer

Some of the top reasons people choose to buy 8 x 5 trailers include:

  • Convenient size

The 8 x 5 trailers get their name from their size, being 8 feet long by 5 feet wide. Converted into metric measurements, this makes 8 x 5 trailers around 2.4 metres long by 1.5 metres wide, which is plenty big enough to carry standard loads for various tradespeople, professionals and weekend campers. From sheets of plasterboard and plywood to plumbing tools, military equipment and farming supplies, whatever your industry is, you’ll be able to conveniently carry your load in an 8 x 5 trailer.

  • Easy to manoeuvre

An 8 x 5 trailer is one of the most versatile models you can buy. Any car can tow it, and there are no complicated procedures for backing the trailer. For professionals just looking for a handy extension to their ute or a flatbed tray, an 8 x 5 trailer is the number one choice to tow behind a work vehicle. It's no wonder that the 8 x 5 trailer is one of the most popular models in our entire trailer range.

  • Affordable

Especially when compared to double axle models, 8 x 5 trailers come at a much lower price point while still offering impressive load capabilities. Their maintenance is also easier on the wallet, as there is only one axle and one set of wheels to maintain. Buy your 8 x 5 trailer from Modern Trailers for the best bang for your buck. Our high-quality 8 x 5 trailers are some of the best-priced trailers in the whole country.

Buy your 8 x 5 trailer from a retailer you can trust

If you are looking to buy 8 x 5 trailers from an Australian manufacturer that knows their stuff, then you can’t look past Modern Trailers. We are South Australia’s number 1 trailer manufacturer and supplier and offer a 5-year structural warranty on all our 8 x 5 trailers. What’s more, we are also specialists in custom made trailers. So if you don’t see an 8 x 5 trailer that fits the bill in our existing range, reach out to us to discuss getting one made just for you. With our affordable prices and friendly and knowledgeable service, you’ll love every step of the process.

Shop for the 8 x 5 trailer you have always wanted online today at Modern Trailers.


What are the key features of 8x5 trailers for sale at Modern Trailers?

The key features of our 8x5 trailers typically include heavy-duty construction, high-quality axles and suspension systems, durable flooring, side and rear gates for easy loading and unloading, LED lights for enhanced visibility, and optional upgrades such as brakes and cage sides.

Are the 8x5 trailers suitable for commercial use?

Yes, our 8x5 trailers are often suitable for commercial use. They offer ample space and robust construction to handle various cargo or equipment transportation needs common in commercial settings.

What is the weight capacity of the 8x5 trailers?

The weight capacity of our 8x5 trailers can vary depending on factors such as axle rating, suspension type, and optional upgrades. Typically, they have a weight capacity ranging from 435kg to 2000kg.

Are customisations available for 8x5 Trailers?

Yes, we offer customisations for our 8x5 trailers to meet specific customer requirements. Customisation options may include adding brakes, cage sides, ladder racks, toolboxes, spare tire mounts, and more.

What safety features are included in your Box Trailers?

Our Box Trailers come equipped with various safety features such as LED lights for enhanced visibility, reflective tape or markers, safety chains, sturdy construction, and optional upgrades like brakes for improved stopping power.

What types of box trailers are available in the 8x5 size category?

In the 8x5 size category, we offer a variety of box trailers including standard box trailers, tandem axle box trailers, tradesman trailers, and tipper box trailers, providing options to suit different needs and preferences.

How do I choose the right box trailer size for my needs?

To choose the right box trailer size, consider factors such as the intended use, the volume and weight of the cargo you'll be transporting, towing vehicle capacity, and any specific requirements such as access points or additional features needed for your application. Our team can assist you in selecting the most suitable size based on your needs and preferences.

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