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If you're moving heavy work equipment, vehicles or construction materials from one location to another, you’ll need access to a safe and reliable trailer. For transporting heavy or large loads, or if you have specific loading requirements, a tandem axle trailer will do the trick. Also known as double axle trailers or bogie trailer, these designs feature a dual axle with two wheels connected to each end for additional capacity.

If you're looking for strong tandem axle trailers for sale in Adelaide or anywhere else in Australia, Modern Trailers is the place for you.

The advantages of tandem trailers

Double axle trailers are the perfect tool for demanding applications. dual axles offer numerous operational benefits. Double axle trailers have extra load capacity, and they're also capable of transporting longer vehicles. They are easier to reverse than single axle trailers. While they can be harder to manipulate off the towing vehicle they offer enhanced stability, added durability and improved strength.

Explore our range of tandem axle trailers

Double axle trailers are often needed for heavy-duty jobs with demanding haulage requirements. These designs feature high load-bearing capacity, extended functional lifespan, enhanced on-road stability, and additional durability. We have tandem trailers in multiple sizes and styles, from heavy-duty 8 x 5 and 10 x 5 models to DLX trailers, cage designs, and rolling chassis models.

Why choose Modern Trailers

At Modern Trailers, we manufacture dual axle trailers with heavy-duty materials for maximum performance and durability. Our trailers are made for Australian conditions, with a 5-year structural warranty available on all products. In addition to outstanding products, we provide multiple finance options and friendly customer support to customers across Australia. Along with our range of tandem axle designs, we also offer single axle trailers, galvanised trailers, tradesman trailers, tipper trailers, car trailers and trailer parts.

If you're looking for great specials and the best tandem trailer products in Australia, contact Modern Trailers today.


What are tandem axle trailers?

Tandem axle trailers feature a dual axle with two wheels connected to each end.  Brakes can only be installed on a one axle or 2 axles on tandem trailers depending the load rating. The additional axle and wheels provide much great load-bearing potential. Considering single axle designs are ideal for simple jobs, double axle trailers provide additional capability and performance.

Are tandem axle trailers better than single axle trailers?

Dual axle trailers feature many operational advantages compared to single axle products. While single axle designs can be easier and faster to move around, tandem axle trailers are stronger and much more capable when it comes to heavy loads. If you need to move large vehicles, heavy workplace equipment, or specific agricultural or industrial machinery, tandem axle designs are often required. These strong trailers are also perfect for hauling building and gardening materials.

What types of double axle trailers do you have?

We have a wide array of tandem trailer products for sale, including box trailers, equipment trailers and tipper trailers. From custom design to plant & equipment trailer & machinery trailers, our trailers will help you to move them safely and with confidence. We have heavy-duty 8 x 5 and 10 x 5 models 10x6, 12x6 and bigger, DLX trailers, cage designs, and rolling chassis models.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our range of tandem trailers for sale in Australia.

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