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Car Trailers

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Thousands of cars and other vehicles are transported across Australia every single day. From motorbikes and family cars to large 4WDs and commercial vans, specialised trailers are needed to move these vehicles safely. At Modern Trailers, we manufacture and supply a variety of car trailers with tandem axle configurations. We have multiple products available, including open floor models, full-floor designs and rolled body tandem trailers for large and heavy vehicles.

If you're looking for a car trailer for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our range of car trailers online today.

The advantages of car trailers

Car trailers are designed with a specific application in mind — moving vehicles safely and efficiently from one place to another. Unlike other trailers, they are made with specific in-built safety and operating features to enable vehicle transportation. Car trailers provide somewhere stable for vehicles to park, have ramps, secure locking mechanisms, and provide a correct weight load capacity.

Our range of car trailer sizes and options

At Modern Trailers, we keep a wide range of car carrier trailers in stock, from compact 14 and 16 x 6'3" designs to large 16 x 6'6" models, DLX trailers and A4 transporters with a 2260 kg carrying capacity. All of our products are designed for Australian roads and made with heavy-duty materials. Our trailers have multiple configuration options, including weight rating upgrades based on brake and wheel capacity.

Why choose Modern Trailers for all your trailer needs

Modern Trailers leads the way in high-performance heavy-duty trailers. We have something for everyone, from occasional users to hard-working tradies and professional car transporters. Along with our car trailers and other great products, we provide multiple finance options and friendly customer support that you can rely on. We offer regular specials on single axle trailers, double axle trailers, galvanised trailers, tradesman trailers, tipper trailers, car trailers and trailer parts.


Are car trailers safe?

Car trailers are the safest way to transport cars and other vehicles from one location to another. These trailers have been designed specifically for cars, from the size of the trailer to the ramps and strapping supports. In order to stay safe, it's essential to purchase the right trailer for the size and weight of the vehicle that you plan on transporting. It's also important to secure the car properly using straps or wheel nets, drive safely to avoid unnecessary movement and unload the vehicle properly using the included ramps.

Are there weight restrictions on car trailers?

Our car trailers are designed with weight restrictions to minimise risk to people and property. We have a number of models to choose from, all of which feature dual axle construction. Our smallest trailers are ideal for vehicles up to 1300kg with upgrades, and our largest models can carry between 2800kg and 4500kg depending on upgrade and brake options.

What types of car trailers do you have available?

At Modern Trailers, we have car trailers for all types of users. If you want to transport your motorbike or classic car on the weekends, we have the perfect trailer for your needs. If you transport vehicles professionally, we also have options to suit your business. We manufacture and sell a variety of dual axle trailers, including compact designs, open floor models, full-floor trailers, DLX trailers and A4 transporters.

To find out more about our range of car trailers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

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