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Single Axle Trailers

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Access to a reliable trailer is essential whenever you need to transport equipment, materials or vehicles. If your load is relatively lightweight, a single axle trailer is a perfect tool. These trailers feature a single axle with a wheel connected to each end.

If you're looking for durable single axle trailers in Adelaide or anywhere else in Australia, Modern Trailers is the place for you.

The benefits of single axle trailers

Single axle trailers are ideal for lots of applications, with their designs offering a range of practical and economic benefits. Not only are single axle trailers more affordable to purchase than double axle trailers, but they're also much better at maneuvering, reversing and parking in tight spots. What's more, single axle designs feature fewer tyres and brakes, which makes them more cost-effective to maintain.

Our single axle trailer options

At Modern Trailers, our single axle designs are simple, tough and perfect for multiple applications. Single axle trailers are highly practical, cost-effective and extremely popular on Australian roads. We have single axle products in multiple sizes and styles, from basic 6 x 4, 7 x 5, and 8 x 5, 10x5 designs to tilt deck options in various sizes and weight capacities.

The Modern Trailers advantage

At Modern Trailers, all of our products are manufactured with heavy-duty materials and designed for Australian conditions. We provide a 5-year structural warranty on all items, offer multiple finance options and provide reliable customer support you can depend on. Along with single axle designs, we also feature tandem axle trailers, galvanised trailers, tradesman trailers, tipper trailers, car trailers and high-quality trailer parts.

If you're looking for the best single axle trailers in Australia, get in touch with our team at Modern Trailers today.


What are single axle trailers?

Single axle feature a single axle with a wheel connected to each end, single axle trailers are ideal for most applications. These trailers are perfect for hauling building and gardening materials, professional equipment, motorbikes, off-road vehicles and even golf carts.

Are single axle trailers better than double-axle designs?

Single axle trailers  are easier to move around while off the towing vehicle that a tandem trailer. They are also simpler to maintain than tandem axle products. Single axle trailers feature half as many wheels as double-axle models, which makes them more cost-effective when you need to replace tyres, brakes, and other parts.

What types of single axle trailers do Modern Trailers stock?

Modern Trailers stock single axle trailers in our Basic range, ¾ ton range DLX, Enclosed & tradesman trailer, Galvanized and painted models, Rolling chassis through to our Motor bike carriers and off-road models. The come in many size and custom sizes, standard are 6x4 7x4, 7x5, 7x5 and 10x5.

We also produce tilt deck trailers in multiple sizes and weight capacities.

To find out more about our range of Australian-made single axle trailers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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