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Tips For Choosing The Right Trailer For Your Needs

When purchasing a trailer, you should get the one that fits your needs. With multiple types of trailers available, the choice can sometimes feel overwhelming, so to help you out, we’ve put together this handy guide.


Tips for choosing the right trailer

To make finding the right trailer easier, we’ve separated our tips into sections. Be sure to consider all factors before making your choice.


Determine what type of trailer you need

The first thing you need to do when hunting a new trailer is to familiarise yourself with the different trailer types available. Most types of trailers fall under the four options listed below:


Single axle trailer

The most common trailer for everyday use, single axle trailers are compact and don’t have too many extra features. They’re a great no-frills option for people looking to cart things around for shorter distances or amounts of time but are less secure due to their open nature. They’re great for moving house if your furniture will fit, but not so great for carrying tools or other valuables around daily unless they can be properly fixed to the trailer. Single axle trailers are the best option for smaller vehicles or low towing capacity as they tend to be the lightest choice.


Enclosed trailer

Enclosed trailers come in many shapes and sizes. Smaller options are generally used for carting tools or other equipment you need on a day-to-day basis. They’re also more convenient than single axle options if you want to leave items in them. Larger enclosed trailers can be used for carrying machinery or even livestock when taking proper safety precautions. 

Although they weigh more than their basic single axle counterparts, smaller enclosed trailers may be suitable for use with small cars. However, you must always follow manufacturer recommendations. Large enclosed trailers must be towed by larger cars.


Motorcycle trailer

Motorcycle trailers are pretty self-explanatory. Smaller basic models will suit a single bike, while larger or fancier models may carry two bikes or a bike and accessories. When selecting a motorcycle trailer, you must check what features are available on the model you’re considering, with particular emphasis on where points are for fixing your bike, as this will determine suitability in many cases. We recommend that a medium to large vehicle be used to tow motorcycle trailers, as the towing capacity must be large enough to cover both the trailer and the bike.


Car trailer

Car trailers transport vehicles, but you can still select a random car trailer and expect it to meet your needs. Larger vehicles will require car trailers on the bigger side, while cars that sit low will need longer ramps and/or a lower ride height on the trailer. While selecting a multi-purpose car trailer is possible, we suggest tailoring your selection to the vehicle you will most likely be moving. Car trailers should only ever be towed by large vehicles with an appropriate towing set-up, as you’re towing the trailer plus a couple of tons of vehicles in most cases.


Factors to consider before purchasing a trailer


Consider the weight and size of your load

The average weight and size of your load significantly influence what kind of trailer you should get.

First, you must find the right trailer sizes for your load. You’ll need one that has both a big enough area and strength for what you want to tow. The trade-off, however, is that as your trailer gets bigger and heavier, your overall capacity for items will reduce as vehicles can only tow a certain amount of weight. As a general rule, you’ll probably want to go for the lightest trailer to safely house what you’re looking to transport, as this is better for handling and fuel economy.


Consider the type of terrain you’ll be driving on

Another important consideration when deciding between different types of trailers is the terrain you’ll be driving on. This will impact the type of tyres that need to be fitted to your trailer, but it can also make some types completely impractical. For example, if you’re going to be travelling on particularly rough terrain, you should opt for an enclosed trailer rather than a single axle one to minimise the risk of damage or loss of property.


Consider the construction material of the trailer

The construction material of your chosen trailer should also be carefully considered. Steel trailers, for example, can often be heavier and harder to handle in general, but they also tend to be stronger. Aluminium options, on the other hand, stand up to the elements better, and you’ll be able to tow heavier items as the trailer itself is taking less of your vehicle’s capacity. 

As a general rule, trailers should be housed in covered areas. However, if this isn’t possible, we strongly suggest selecting an aluminium option. This is also the preferred material when there is a risk of things leaking in your trailer.


Consider the budget you have in mind

As trailers get larger and include more accessories, their price will, obviously, also increase. If size and attachments are necessary for safety, we always recommend finding a way to make the price work. If they’re simply nice-to-haves, it’s perfectly acceptable to go for a cheaper option as long as it still fits your needs.


Get the trailer you need at Modern Trailers

With so many types of trailers available, finding the right one for your needs can be tricky. As noted above, we recommend starting by assessing trailer types and going from there. However, trailer sizes are also a key consideration. Once you have a good idea of what you need in terms of specs, selecting the right trailer will be easier and avoid unnecessary stress or issues.

If you aren’t sure about what to get, get expert advice from Modern Trailers! As Australian manufacturers of high-quality trailers, we can assist you in finding the right trailer for your needs at a great price.

You can contact us at, (08) 8326 5041 (Lonsdale), (08) 8262 2562 (Pooraka) or via the contact form on our website. We’ll be happy to assist you in your trailer-buying journey!

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