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Top Tips For Trailer Maintenance

If you’ve ever thought about buying a trailer, you’re probably already familiar with its many benefits. You can haul things with them, from cars to furniture and everything in between. But when it comes to maintenance, trailers can be tricky. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to ensure that your trailer is up to par before taking off on any long journeys. Here are trailer maintenance tips to ensure you’re safe

Check for cracks

Look for large cracks to put your finger into or that you can see when you shine a light through them. If you find any, call the experts immediately to help repair the damage. But if you don’t solve the issue immediately, it will only worsen over time and could cause your trailer irreversible damage

Test your brakes

Make sure the brakes are working by pressing the pedal and holding it. If you’re pulling a trailer, this test should be done with a helper standing at the back of your vehicle to ensure that all four tyres stop simultaneously. This important trailer maintenance step is one you should never neglect to avoid accidents.

Replace worn pads and rotors

Check these regularly for wear or damage, especially if you live in an area with many potholes or other road hazards.

Prevent rust that will destroy your trailer

Axles on some trailers may rust. To avoid this, store the trailer at an angle so water can drain from the tray. If you have a jockey wheel, use it. Anytime you see rust, sand it down and paint it with rust-proof paint to prevent the issue from worsening. A trailer cover is a great tool to use if you park your trailer outside.

Check your brake fluid levels

Because your trailer’s braking system is hydraulic, it relies on brake fluid to effectively produce the pressure required to slow down or stop it. If the fluid level is low, it would be challenging to make the trailer stop. Hence, checking this frequently will help prevent sticking brakes and keep them operating smoothly over time — not to mention help keep your vehicle safe!

Make sure your tyres are in good shape

The tyres on your trailer help you move around safely. Hence, you should always check their pressure, tread, wear and condition, balance and rotation or alignment to make sure they’re in good shape

Check if the wheels are properly connected and aligned

Always visually inspect the trailer’s wheel connections because loose or damaged screws can cause serious damage to your trailer and its cargo. When driving down the road, keep an eye on your trailer’s wheels and make sure they’re not twisted. If they are, it’s a sign of an axle problem or other major structural issue with your vehicle

Misaligned wheels will lead to uneven wear on your tyre treads, resulting in dangerous handling problems while driving down the highway at high speeds. If you notice any bending, consider taking it into a shop for repair immediately because this could mean significant damage has been done throughout one side panel!

How often should I service my trailer?

The frequency of trailer maintenance depends on your trailer type, how you use it and how often you drive it.

Checking the tyre pressure before each use is a good idea if you use your trailer for hauling and commuting. You should also regularly inspect it if you live somewhere with harsh temperatures or high humidity levels.

If you often haul heavy loads, checking the tyre pressure every few months is crucial. Consider getting a professional inspection every six months if your cargo is particularly heavy or you frequently drive long distances.

You can avoid costly repairs by keeping your trailer in good working condition and ensuring it’s reliable when needed. Read our tips to protect your trailer so it will last for years.

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