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Upgrading Your Trailer: Must-Have Accessories and Add-On

The first consideration when buying a trailer is ensuring its versatility, performance, and cost, suited for your usage and budget. You might need aftermarket accessories such as custom lighting or hitches to enhance efficiency and performance. It is important to understand what trailer accessories you may need, then research and establish a budget to purchase. In this guide, find a list of the must-have accessories and add-ons for your trailer.

A toolbox is an essential trailer accessory to acquire post-purchase. It offers organised storage for tools, equipment, and supplies, simplifying access and preventing clutter. Choose a toolbox that suits your needs, whether a small one for basic tools or a larger one for an extensive collection.

Rockerballs are essential trailer parts for improved stability and versatility, especially when transporting items that require a still transit. They’re valuable for off-road trailers in uneven terrain, featuring cushioned isolators that reduce rattling and vibration. Rockerballs also reduce stress on the tow vehicle’s suspension and brakes, maximising their usability.

Modern Trailers enhances secure transportation with durable accessories, including 800mm high cages with accessible doors and a solid 40×40 RHS frame. The 50 mm x 50 mm x 5 mm mesh ensures robustness and clear visibility, ideal for delicate cargo. These user-friendly accessories have spring lever latches and a design that disassembles into four parts for easy storage. Hot-dipped galvanisation also prevents rust, while a tube extension seamlessly integrates to provide added strength and reliability.

When hauling your trailer, consider adding a spare tire mount if there is not one already. These trailer parts ensure you always have a spare tire on hand to replace a flat, eliminating the need to visit a repair shop or endure long delays.

Securing your cargo is crucial, especially when using flat-top trailers, so tie-down straps and E-track systems are your best options. Tie-down straps are available at varying lengths and configurations, allowing you to load and secure items of various sizes and shapes. E-track systems are versatile and a customisable solution for securing cargo since you can attach straps and tie-downs anywhere along the track.

When using your trailer to tow goods and equipment, trailer hitch accessories are recommended for expanding your capabilities. Consider getting a trailer hitch receiver with a higher weight capacity or one with adjustable height settings compatible with different trailer sizes. Adding hitch extension trailer parts as you transport longer loads ensures you maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the trailer.

Having a well-lit trailer is essential for safety and compliance with road regulations. Consider installing LED lights since they are brighter, energy-efficient, and longer-lasting than traditional incandescent bulbs. You can add reflective tape and decals to enhance visibility when driving at night also.

Trailer jacks are common trailer parts that simplify the loading and unloading of cargo. Examples include A-frame jacks, electric jacks, and swivel jacks. Electric jacks are ideal as they make the process seamless, allowing you to raise and lower the trailer quickly without any physical strain.

Safeguard your investment by upgrading your enclosed trailer’s locks and security systems. Quality locks for trailer doors and couplers, and possibly GPS tracking systems, are recommended to deter theft and unauthorised access. It is highly recommended to set a budget for these security enhancements.

For construction workers or builders using tradesman trailers, instant access to tools and equipment is essential. Custom shelving and racks are valuable trailer accessories for mobile workshops or specialised purposes, helping you create tailored storage solutions to maximise work efficiency.

Solar panels provide sustainable power for lighting, tools, and equipment. Ensure you have rechargeable batteries that will power your trailer’s electrical system via solar energy. Solar panels are eco-friendly and minimise reliance on generators and external power sources, therefore saving money.

You can consider numerous upgrades and accessories for your trailer, but the ones listed are highly recommended. Begin by selecting the appropriate trailer and discussing suitable accessories with the supplier. The right accessories and add-ons transform your trailer into a multifunctional asset for your business. Ensure that these options align with your cargo’s specific requirements.

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