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  • $420.00

    Cage 800mm high 6x4 Galvanized includes Tube Inserts on trailer (Package)

  • $25.00

    Adaptor 7-Pin Flat Socket on vehicle to 7-Pin Large round on trailer

  • $135.00

    H Frame slide in 4ft wide

  • $8.00

    Bow Shackle 10mm 1000kg rated

  • $20.00

    7 pin Flat Plug

  • $80.00

    Trailer Lock

  • $50.00

    Cage Tube Holder Inserts 50x50 SHS

  • $75.00

    Draw Bar In Fill Checker Plate 350mm Deep

  • $60.00

    Tie Rails on tailgates Front & Rear

  • $0.00

    WHAT IS 2-PACK PAINT & IT'S ADVANTAGES 2-pack paint is a two part, chemically catalysed protective coating for your equipment. Its two main components consist of a coloured acrylic polyurethane and a hardener resin that, when combined, chemically harden to provide a deluxe coloured protective layer that offers superior durability, colour fastness and gloss when compared to many other types of protective coatings. "" Why is it better to use 2K over ENAMEL paintS? "" When compared to traditional single pack paints such as enamel that rely on the evaporation of thinners to drive the drying process, two pack paints take advantage of a chemical reaction for dryness meaning that less of the top-coat evaporates with the thinners. Furthermore, the hardener resin’s additional qualities of hardness and durability complements the durability inherently provided by the polyurethane component. All of these factors combined result in a final topcoat product that has superior and longer lasting gloss, colour fastness, durability and hardness.

  • $0.00

    Polythane 2-pack - N65 GRAPHITE GREY

  • $25.00

    Polythane 2-pack - GUNMETAL GREY METALLIC

  • $25.00

    Polythane 2-pack - AZURE BLUE

  • $30.00

    Polythane 2-pack - CLARET

  • $30.00

    Polythane 2-pack - DELICIOUS RED

  • $25.00

    Polythane 2-pack - JIMS MOWING BRUNSWICK GREEN

  • $100.00

    Polythane 2-pack - STRAIGHT WHITE - includes edge primer & undercoat

  • $180.00

    Rego 12 Months

  • $140.00

    14" Spare Wheel Steel Rim 185C 850kg PCD-114.3

TOTAL INC GST - $1,650.00

Carrying Capacity - 535kg


Australian Made Logo

Australian steel & manufactured in Adelaide SA

  • Rolled Sheet metal body with 300mm High Sides
  • SHS Chassis
  • DRAW BAR 50×50
  • Front & Rear opening tailgates
  • Double folded checker plate guards FOR A  MODERN LOOK
  • Side tie rails
  • SPARE WHEEL HOLDER mounted on the draw bar
  • Swing up Jockey wheel
  • 39mm solid axles & with a-type hubs fitted
  • 50mm 3 bolt Lockable Coupling
  • Scraped – Cleaned – washed & exterior joints sealed with stickaflex to prevent moister, then etch primed & top coated in high quality Polythane 2-pack paint
  • LED 12-24v lights (in Light Guard)  with 7-pin large round plug
  • Front & sides reflectors
  • Large mud flaps 300x230mm
  • Brand new 13” Sunraysia Rims with new tyres


Pictures are for illustrative purpose only (pictures shows with tie rails, they are an extra costs)

DIMENSIONS  6×4 750kg

   Why buy a Modern Trailer

  • 100% Australian Made in our Lonsdale SA  Factory
  • Australian Owned & Operating since 1990
  • Largest trailer Manufacture in South Australia
  • 2 locations conveniently located in North & South of the city
  • Specialise in custom made
  • Fast Quote times

We manufacture and supply a wide range of trailers with different
sizes, models, and styles with single, dual & triple axle configurations.


Structural Warranty

Firstly congratulations on purchasing your new Modern Trailer


1. All our new trailers are covered by a structural Warranty.

2. The Warranty entitles the original purchaser from the date of purchase and covers the chassis and draw bar only from fatigue and has a guarantee for a period of one (5) years for domestic use, (1) year for Commercial or Business use from original date of purchase subject to the terms below:

3. Modern Trailers retains the right to repair or replace any part which in the opinion of the manufacturer is defective due to faulty material or workmanship provided that the trailer has been operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and safe towing practices:

4. Modern Trailers Warranty does not cover any trailer parts or accessories that are not manufactured by Modern Trailers. All 3rd party parts or accessories are supplied with the Warranty terms & conditions and period provided by the manufacturer of any such parts or accessories. Those accessories include but are not limited to: – Jockey Wheels, Jacks, Legs and Winches etc – Axles, brakes, calipers, lights and plugs

5. All Warranty repairs must be performed during normal business hours at our Modern Trailers, Factory 12 Sherriffs road Lonsdale 5160. Or 1 levels court Pooraka SA 5095

Warranty repairs carried out in other locations require prior authorisation From Modern Trailers. Unauthorised repairs are not covered under this Warranty.

6. The purchaser is responsible to care for their Trailer in accordance with the ‘Modern Trailers Maintenance Manual.

7. The purchaser will be responsible for paying all service call fees or transport charges, and damages and loss incurred in connection with the transportation of the trailer to and from Modern Trailers premises.

8. The following is not covered by Warranty in any way what so ever:

– Paint – Rust

– Wheels & Tyres

– General consumables e.g, Springs, bearings, -brakes, wiring etc

– Any other items deemed to be consumable

9. This Warranty does not apply to any trailer which has been: a) subject to misuse, neglect, accident or alteration by any person. b) damaged or destroyed by fire, flood, Act of God or other inevitable accident. c) hired to any person or persons. This Warranty is in addition to any rights or remedies the purchaser has under the Trades Practices Act or state laws.

10. This Warranty is not offered on products sold at auction or as a demonstrator, factory seconds or on used products, unless with express written permission by Modern Trailers.

11. Unless any addition or attachment to this product has Modern Trailers, specific approval or is sold as a Modern Trailers product the Warranty on the trailer is waived. Trailers are designed to perform a specific task under established test loads and unauthorised attachments may produce stresses for which the design is not appropriate.

12. Design, specifications and colours are subject to change without notice.

13. Modern Trailers Structural Warranty may change at any time without notice.