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Trailer Manufacturer & Supplier in South Australia

Trailer Manufacturer &
Supplier in South Australia

Buy a 7×5 trailer and make easy work of transporting equipment, tools, and material for work, home or farming. No matter your requirements, our Australian-made 7×5 trailers are manufactured in Adelaide to ensure a durable build that can keep up with your needs. 

Built by experts, using the best quality materials and manufacturing processes, every trailer is designed to comply with relevant Australian Standards and is backed by a hassle-free structural warranty. As local specialists, we have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of 7×5 trailers that are capable of withstanding the harsh Australian climate and the heavy workloads required by our customers. With a little basic care and attention, our trailers will last you for years to come. 

Buy 7×5 trailers designed to meet your specific needs

Whether you’re looking for a basic, single axle trailer or a purpose-built BBQ trailer for corporate events, you will find what you need in our range. We have a great selection of 7×5 trailers, including:

All of our trailers can be tailored to meet your specific requirements with optional extras such as suspension, body and ramp upgrades, along with a variety of useful accessories. If you’re looking for a 7×5 trailer that you can’t see in our range, we can custom-make a trailer that is fabricated to your exacting specifications and meet all your requirements. If you need help selecting a trailer that satisfies all your criteria, don’t hesitate to contact us — our friendly team is ready to help.


What size is a 7×5 trailer?

A standard 7×5 trailer will generally have internal dimensions as follows:

They are commonly referred to as 7×5 trailers because these measurements correspond approximately to 7ft by 5ft. For exact internal and external measurements, please refer to the individual product pages for the trailers you are interested in. If you need something bigger, we have a range of larger and heavy-duty trailers available to meet any task or challenge.

How heavy is a 7×5 trailer?

The dry and gross vehicle weights for the trailers we manufacture are listed in the specifications on the individual product pages. The dry weight (unloaded weight) of a trailer will depend mostly on the materials used in its construction and any optional extras you may choose to install. The gross (loaded) weight rating of a trailer and its carrying capacity can be increased in some cases by the installation of optional upgrades we offer.

How much weight can a 7×5 trailer carry?

To find out the gross vehicle weight rating for any trailer, please visit the relevant product page. If you have any problems finding the information you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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